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Essentials of Understanding Psychology 11th Edition Textbook

Essentials of Understanding Psychology 11th Edition Textbook

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Essentials of Understanding Psychology 11th Edition eTextbook | Bestsellers in ebooks, textbooks, audiobooks.ξ Instant downloads with a vast range in categories.


Your students are individuals. Do your teaching materials treat them that way? Feldman's Essentials of Understanding Psychology does.ξ

Using a revolutionary revision process, Essentials of Understanding Psychology is a fully integrated learning system that brings the Š—“Students FirstŠ—? goal to a new level. With the adaptive learning program, SmartBookŠܢ, every student has a unique experience personalized to their needs.
The new edition uses Š—“HeatMapŠ—? technology to advise the revision. Systematic and precise feedback from thousands of students was anonymously collected using LearnSmartŠܢ. Because virtually every paragraph in the previous edition is tied to several questions students answer in LearnSmart, the author was able to see where students struggled mostŠ—_the Š—“hot spotsŠ—?Š—_and in turn refine and update these areas to be more clear, more concise, and more impactful.ξ
The 11th edition continues with Feldman's accessible pedagogy and hallmark research, as well as his modules-within-chapters format that is both manageable for students and allows every professor the flexibility to assign and cover what they want.

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