Dungeon & Dragons Vintage Magazines (Lot of 150) Magazines

Dungeon & Dragons Vintage Magazines (Lot of 150) Magazines

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Dungeon & Dragons Vintage Magazines (Lot of 150)

Great compilation of the classic Dungeon (Adventures) Magazine. Super source material for RPG fans of various game systems!

Dungeon Adventures, or Dungeon, was a magazine targeting people who play role-playing games, particularly Dungeons & Dragons. It was first published by TSR, Inc. in 1986, as a bi-monthly magazine. It went monthly in 2003 and ceased paper publication in September 2007, with issue 150. Its sister publication was the more widely read Dragon.

Each issue provides self-contained pre-written, playtested game scenarios, often called "modules" in early issues (it is now more common to just call them "adventures" or "scenarios"). Gamemasters can present these adventures to their players as written, or adapt them to their own campaign setting. By providing ideas, plots, villains, maps, monsters, and hooks, it can save gamemasters a great deal of time preparing a game for their players. As a magazine containing several modules per issue, it was also significantly cheaper than stand-alone modules, which perhaps explains its enduring popularity.

ISSUES 1-150, a brilliant nostalgic read with many, many ready made adventures for budding GM’s and Players! All in PDF format.

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